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Would you like to advertise on our website? We are operating a simple scheme which works out as follows:

Its simply a-penny-a-pixel per calendar month. For example, if you wanted to display a full-colour 200 x 200 pixel advertisement, then you would multiply to the two dimensions together. In this instance, 200 x 200 x 1p = £400.

NB. If you wish your advertisement to remain full-size, please ensure it has a maximum width of 200 pixels. Otherwise, and being a responsive website, your image will reduce in size depending on the resolution of the device it is monitored upon.

We would also consider a short-term contract for 1 to 3 weeks (pro-rata). And if you want a long-term contract, then every 5th month contract would get you a free 6th month. In addition, pay for 9 months, and get 12 months.

Another option is a basic text advertisment. For this, we would charge per character, including spaces. The charge here would be 10p per character, per day. Here's an example: "BIG JANUARY SALE! Joe Bloggs Shoes, Somewhere Street, Anytown.". All-in-all, that is 60 characters, with spaces (The inverted commas are only used for emphasis in this example). At 10p a character, that's £6 for one day.

These deals are subject to payment in advance for the full term of the contract, with no refunds (barring any allowance for any SIGNIFICANT 'downtime', or failure to complete the contract on our part). Again, pro-rata refunds would apply under these circumstances. Please contact us for any terms you wish to negotiate, and we'll see what we can do.


Would you like an entire page? Carry our header and navigation menu, and the rest is yours. We shall need to see your ideas before we can aggree to a contract, especially as our website is a 'responsive' one. Being a responsive webnsite, all our content has to fit on devices of all sizes without horizontal scrolling. So, if you would like to consider this option, please consider your design very carefully. Please also note that the code you use to build your page would have to meet our strict criteria. This means it must not contain any code that is designed to (for example) redirect someone to another website, other than that which is advertised on our page(s). The code must also not be deemed to be 'malicious' and cause harm to other visitors to our website, or click through any links you provide.

In all circumstances, we have the right to refuse, or remove, any advertisments that breach our standards.

More about us

This website has been created to provide information of a technical nature to those who like to follow, or invest in games of football. We currently have no plans to charge for access to our website as it is intended that it will be sponsored by advertising. Failing any level of advertising to maintain content and supervision of our website does not mean that it would be neglected.

Obviously, the website shall be monitored on a daily basis with updates not occuring less than twice weekly. This is because the website was created originally to be a 'hobby' website and provide information to it's visitors. The fact that advertising revenue would be very welcome, it does not mean that the website would be any the poorer in quality or content in the vent of lack of advertising (or sponsorship).

You may therefore rest assured that the website will be maintained at regular intervals and with no reduction in quality. Thank you.

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